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why you need a professional gutter installation contractor

Why You Need a Professional Gutter Installation: Protecting Your Home Inside Out

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Just like any part of a home’s construction, gutter installation requires the expertise of trained professionals. What looks like a simple process to you actually demands precision—from the measurements down to the fitting itself. Get it wrong, and you could face problems bigger than just gutter replacement.

DIY-ing home repairs is the bane to its structural integrity. As these often end up in shoddy work, you’re much better off investing in a professional gutter installation team to avoid the hassle. But apart from convenience, you will want a polished, professional job from the get-go.

Let us tell you why.

What You Risk with Poor Gutter Installation

Gutters are an unassuming yet critical part of your home’s exterior, channeling away water that can damage its foundation. Poor gutter installation poses various risks to your home’s safety, as it fails to channel water away from it properly.

Leaving this unresolved could lead you to deal with more than just unpleasant water stains. You’ll also have to deal with the following:

1. Erosion and Mold Growth

Excess water seeps into basements and crawl spaces of your home. On its own, water erodes the foundational materials of your home, which, over time, will compromise structural integrity.

But more than chipping away at your foundation, this excess build-up can lead to other security risks in your home. Moisture contributes to mold growth, which, similar to erosion, eats away at your home’s foundation and poses a health risk to your family. 

From allergies to asthma, molds and the spores they release can cause respiratory problems to members of your family. If your children, spouse, or other family members are at particular risk for these allergens, moisture build-up, and mold development become an urgent concern.

2. Deteriorating Foundation

Improperly installed gutters cause clogging, allowing water to accumulate and threaten your home’s foundation. Moisture contributes to rot, a problem that is particularly critical if your home is primarily supported by wood.

From hydrostatic pressure causing cracks and shifts to rot eating away at wood, extra moisture and water accumulation gradually weaken your home’s foundation. In the long run, this could become a safety hazard and a heavy financial burden as it demands extensive foundational and gutter repairs.

3. Pest Infestation

The last problem poor gutter installation can cause is pest infestation. Pools of stagnant water are the optimal breeding ground for mosquitoes, termites, and other rodents. 

In addition to mold, these insects add to the health risks brought by improper gutter installation. Mosquitoes can bring dengue; rodents can bring leptospirosis and a whole host of other diseases that can get you paying a hefty hospital bill sooner rather than later.

Furthermore, you’ll need to invest in pest extermination services in addition to gutter replacement or repair services.

In sum, poor gutter installation is not a problem to take lightly. From preventing water damage from jeopardizing your home’s safety to protecting your family members’ health, there is no substitute for the value of a proper and professional gutter installation.

Benefits of Professional Gutter Installation

By now, you should better grasp how critical professional gutter installation is. But in case you need a little more convincing, here are some other benefits you get from it:

1. Expertise and Experience

Expertise and experience are essential to proper gutter installation. As measuring, cutting, and fitting gutters require precision, there is simply no substitute for expert craftsmanship.

Apart from precision, a professional gutter installation team exercises prudence and will understand your entire gutter system. This thoroughness translates into proper sizing, material choice, and placement, ranging from providing custom gutter solutions to routine maintenance.

Put together, these elements contribute to an efficient and robust gutter system that provides you with long-lasting protection.

2. An Array of Quality Options

Would you like custom solutions that fit your needs and budgets? Working with experts like us will surely benefit you.

This benefit, as nice as it may sound, offers tremendous flexibility in protecting your home from water damage. Through our expertise and network, we’ll source premium materials depending on your requirements.

Whether you want something aesthetically pleasing, like copper gutters, or robust and industrial, like steel gutters, we’ll provide them for you.

3. Warranties on Workmanship

Last but certainly not least, we want to assure you that our workmanship is high-quality. Hence, professionals like us will offer warranties on our services to give you a sense of security in the job we do.

We are confident in our skills and deliver assurance that problems will be minimized after we handle a gutter installation job for you.  In the rare cases that our work falls short, we want you to be able to have a safety net and, more importantly, keep us accountable.

Smart Choices for a Sense of Security

Gutters are not a feature to be overlooked and underestimated in a home. Understanding this means acknowledging the need for professionals to do the installation. Ensuring the health and safety of your household demands nothing short of that.

In truth, investing in a professional gutter installation is an investment. But while the costs seem cumbersome at first, the long-term gains are tangible and substantial. When you decide to work with one, working with established gutter installation contractors is essential.

In that regard, Liberty Sheet Metals provides long-trusted gutter contracting services within the greater Portland Metro Area. Should the need arise, we’ll be happy to professionally do the job for you and your family.

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